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Gypco Interiors & Electricals – Gypsum Ceiling & Gypsum Board

Gypco Interiors & Electricals is home to quality gypsum ceiling and gypsum cornices, medallions and related gypsum products.
We do the manufacturing of gypsum ceilings using the best quality standards in the industry hence we ensure that your gypsum ceilings stand out and last long.
With experience in the gysum ceiling industry we are the best gysum suppliers who will give you value for your money.
We have a dedicated team who are ready and ready to ensure that your deliveries are fulfilled without any delay. With us you are sure to talk to us and communicate from different channels and make any sort of inquiry on our products and services.

Website: https://www.gypco2interiors.com/



Best priced materials you need to have a gypsum false ceiling installed.
Always welcome to Gypco Interiors and Electricals
✅Gypsum Boards 9mm@820/=
✅Gyproc gypsum board (Premium brand) Ksh @1100/=
✅Knauf Moisture resistant 9.5mm @1500
✅Gypsum Steel Stud @260/=
✅Gypsum Steel Channel @240/=
✅Gypsum Screws 1 inch @600/=
✅Fibre Tape @400/=
✅Gypsum Filler(Gyproc)25kg @1550/=
✅Gypsum Cornice @130/=
✅Fiber PU Cornice @500/=
✅Sandpaper per Roll 25M @1600/=
✅Covermatt paint 20L @4,200/=
✅Medallion From 300/= (Different sizes and prices)
✅Rollers @250/=
✅Sahara Filler 25KG @650/=
✅All prices includes VAT
✅Delivery options to your location available
✅Visit our Website or Shop at Eastern Bypass off Thika Rd, Nxt to Delta petrol station for better deals


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